Key Helper Review

Published on 6 June 2024 at 20:51

For this Tech Thursday I reviewed The Key Helper. The product was designed by Makers Making change, from Temple University Tech Owl  I ordered a box of items from Temple University designed to help with my hand dexterity issues.  The devices were free of charge. The Key Helper is the first post about this.  I will write future posts about the items, and how to order them. 

Image Description a white plastic Key Helper with a pink Hello Kity Key in the Middle.

My husband assembled the Key Helper from the product and screws included in the box. My Hello Kitty Key fit perfectly in the device.  After it was put together, I decided to try it out on the front door. Locking and unlocking doors is difficult with me with my limited hand dexterity. Using my fine motor movements in my hands is hard for me. The device is designed to open doors with the least amount of wrist movement. 

I decided to try and lock our door first. The directions read to put fingers through the hold and twist to lock and unlock door.  My first attempts were unsuccessful, not because of the key holder, but because of confusing my right from my left. I was unlocking the door instead of locking it.  After I remembered Right is Tight and Left is Loose, I was able to lock the door. I then proceeded to unlock the door with ease. The only issue was the screw was not tight enough, but my husband was able to tighten it and that worked better for me.  

Image Description: A Caucasian woman demonstrates how to use a key holder in door.

I would recommend using the Key Helper if you have limited hand dexterity. I was able to lock and unlock my door with ease. I look forward to using this in the future. To get a Key Helper and other helpful tools head over to 

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