Hello and welcome to the new home of Michelle's Mission! On this site you find information on my life with a learning disability through writing, podcast interviews, and photography. A great deal of my content is shaped by nature. I compare things in nature to my experience with having a disability. Photography is also a big factor in my life. I am unable to drive because of my disability and I get to snap pictures of flowers on my many walks. If I drove I would have missed this opportunity. I  love sharing my story and photography with others. Be sure to check out my online store, where you can find prints and more.


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Having a disability was not always my cup of tea

One of my biggest passions in life is tea. I love collecting teacups and tea pots. I display many of them in my dining room. Each piece of the tea service has a story and evokes a loving memory of the person who gave it to me. I also have an overflowing cupboard of assorted teas in my kitchen. My husband and I like to drink tea together in the evenings. I also love having people over for tea parties. Ironically, I didn’t like tea the first time I tried it. I can remember my mom having me try a cup of orange peacock black tea. I didn’t care for it and was convinced that I didn’t like tea. Little did I know that there were many other flavors. Another significant part of my life is having a Learning Disability. Much like my first encounter with tea, I didn’t like having one.

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The unexpected gift of having a learning disability

I can remember when I was first diagnosed with a Learning Disability I did not consider it a gift that I wanted. As a small child I thought of it as burden and a hinderance to what I wanted to do. I was handed a package that contained a diagnosis that I wanted to take back. To my dismay I found that the gift had a no return policy. It felt like everyone else was opening the gifts I wanted such as doing well in school, making friends and being successful. Little did I know that having a Learning Disability would turn out to be a gift that would help me and others.

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The Hidden Climb

January brings a new year and most people hope for a better year. Many people set resolutions to lose weight, save money, and to make other improvements. Few people keep their resolutions because they get discouraged by set backs and don’t make it part of their lifestyle. Many people have been surprised when they hear of my success with having a Learning Disability. People will say “But your so smart or “You don’t look like you have a disability. Few people understand that having a disability is a journey not a destination. Most people see the success but not the failures and the hidden climb it took to get me there.

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How opposites work in nature

Shortly after we moved into our house we found a a cigar tree growing in our back yard. This type of tree produces beautiful white delicate blooms in the late spring or early summer. In the Autumn, the flowers are gone and stringy brown branches that look like cigars fall from the trees. One of the neighbors told my dad that I will probably want to cut down the tree, because of the brown that falls. My personal preference is the flowers, compared to the the dark branches that tumble down. However I can’t have the flowers, without the branches that come with it. I would certainly miss the flowers if I cut the tree down. Having a disability has been much like having a cigar tree. For so long all I could see were the long dark branches that fell to the ground. I wanted to cut the tree down and thought how much better my life would be without it.

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Running the Race of having a disability

Having a disability often feels like running a race. You will have to go through rigorous training and will be up against opponents who are far more skilled. The race may not seem fair or easy. Nevertheless, you must run the course you are given.

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Learning Disability Salad

Salad is one of my specialties. I love to make salads with mixed greens, strawberries, cucumbers, red peepers, and carrots. Many view a salad as a hunk of lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. Most people love my salad and ask me bring it to gatherings. Another major part of my life is having a Learning Disability. Similar to views on salads, many people think there is only one type and assume I have Dyslexia. Most people are astonished when I tell them that I struggle with math, hand dexterity, and visual perception. Few have heard of the term Dyscalculia and often in disbelief because they can’t see it.

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